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Dawn Stahura

I am a queer feminist artist from Salem, MA and creator of Shadowbooking. My work is guided by feminist witchcraft and how it intersects and explores social justice in the form of reclaiming lived experiences, artistic expression, and magick.

I believe creativity is a necessary and critical aspect of understanding who we are and how we respond to the world around us. Creativity is healing and can provide outlets for processing emotions, past events, and current anxieties. Creativity allows us to fully understand ourselves and how our identities intersect with each other and with the larger world around us. We are all creative and there is no ONE way to be creative. From making zines to Shadowbooking, all of my work focuses on healing and reclaiming our own power.

You matter. Always.


My shadowbooking workshops are forms of spellcraft. In these workshops we explore what our shadow selves are and how to reconnect to our inherent magick. I introduce folx to automatic writing, sigil magick, and setting intentions. We will work together to create grounding and resting pages as well as establishing a practice that works for each participant.

Shadowbooking is a powerful art practice that brings in witchcraft, storytelling, and artistic expression to reconnect to our own voice.

Let's hear that voice together.

Zine Making

Zines are handmade paper publications for sharing stories/personal narratives that are not represented in mainstream media. They are self-published (the creator writes, edits, and publishes) with a DIY ethos and are anti-capitalist.

Creating zines is a magickal act. Writing is spellcraft. When we create, we make magick - bringing something new into being. Zines are a powerful tool for sharing your stories, your lived experiences and building community.

In my zine workshops we learn about the herstory of zines, why storytelling is a magickal act, and how to combine our words with imagery to conjure our zine into being.

Whether you are a seasoned zinester or new to the whole concept, this workshop will provide you the space to tap into your own voice. All ages are welcome!

Oracle Cards

I am a huge fan of making my own oracle cards. For me, my cards are a conversation with myself, my shadow self. I wholeheartedly believe that we already have all the answers we need. We just need a little help reconnecting with our sacred knowledge.

In this workshop, you will create your own oracle cards using whatever images speak to you. These could be photographs, stock images, or things you found along the way. You will learn to listen to your inner voice and remember you are a magickal being.

My Shop


about witchcraft, feminism, body politics and more!

Spell Painting

one-of-a-kind paintings created using spellcraft and sigil magick.

Oracle Deck

30 original oracle cards created by me

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